Mother Nature's Gift

Siempre Viva is a luxury skincare brand, providing high-end products to clients looking for age-defying skin and a youthful glow. Our range of products are bursting with essential oils, original plant extracts and natural ingredients which have been specially formulated to promote good skin health. Created by Greta McKnight, owner and founder of one of the UK's largest award-winning beauty training academies, our collection of products were developed with her clients’ own experiences and skincare needs in mind.

Facing closure of her business in 2020, and an uncertain future due to Covid-19, Greta aimed to harness all her years of education, within the aesthetics sector, having treated countless clients and educated a new generation of therapists to provide holistic, non-surgical skin care solutions. She wanted to further endorse the benefits of these treatments by creating a skincare and wellness range that could be used at home, delivering comparable results.

Developing these products, and later launching Siempre Viva, allowed her to focus and look positively to the future. She would be able to continue to work with her clients and offer them real solutions to common skin problems. The line of products are designed to work in tandem to future proof skin, using only the best, natural ingredients, with a focus on hydration and rejuvenation (two of her client’s biggest complaints).

Additionally, it was very important when creating Siempre Viva that a range of wellness products were part of the initial launch collection. Greta knew, from her own experiences and testimonials from her clients, that internal challenges such as stress or tiredness can affect skin. Siempre Viva therefore had to be a full skincare system, repairing from inside out!

After months of product development and sending test packages to clients, friends and family. Greta collection of products took shape, she has produced a first of its kind, complete skincare system that was easy enough to use every day and suited all skin types.

Greta passionately states she has always wanted to be able to do more for her clients, providing an in-salon treatment is great, however the aftercare is just as important to deliver long term results… Siempre Viva’s full system is the solution to this.

Created by the love of her career, Siempre Viva was launched with the mission to make us all feel in control on the inside and glow on the outside, even in uncertain times.
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