Latest Skincare Trends - Summer 2021

Latest Skincare Trends - Summer 2021

What's H-O-T this Summer?



We all discovered a new skincare menace in 2020 after the introduction of mask wearing. The term ‘maskne’ became well-known in no time. Many of us found our skin breaking out, especially in the hot weather! Those of us wearing masks for a long period of time were especially at the peril of maskne. Initially referring to the spots, or acne, developed under a mask, it can now be used as an umbrella term for any skin problem our masks cause. More than a year on, our skin is in dire need of maskne focused treatment to combat the irritation under there.

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Gua Sha Facial

We all need more ways to improve our skincare skills at home. With new problems (e.g. maskne) to fight, and less reliance on professionals. We are discovering new tools to help us such as the trending massaging stone, specially shaped to improve circulation under the skin. The current trend focuses on its use on the face and neck for your own at-home facial – we have all missed the spa after all! Often translated to ‘scraping’ in English, you drag the tool along your skin in a series of motions. The physical benefits are widely discussed. However, part of the trend’s growth is aligned with the calming, de-stressing feeling you get when using the tool.

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Skincare Fridges

Back into the summer heat, we all need ways to cool down! Skincare fridges are returning in the trending topics. A handy new tool to keep our products cold, calming skin and soothing blemishes. As well as those obvious skincare benefits, it’s a refreshing change to the summer heat! They are essentially mini fridges, so pop them anywhere that’s handy for your skincare routine.

A little insider tip... place your Gua Sha in your fridge to cool it down before using it on your face, this will help to reduce puffiness and redness.

Full Skincare System

A way to make sure each skincare product works at its best, and each one compliments the other? Multiple step skincare routines bring more success towards your skin goals. Each step/ product targets something different to create an overall improvement in the skincare goal you want to achieve. With the term ‘skincare routine’ becoming more and more used, we are learning it’s not just important what you use, but how, and in what order! With all this, companies are helping us out with skincare collections so all the products we need are in one place – no need for the tiresome research! Our detailed instructions for the Ultimate Skincare Trio make it easier for you to get the best out of your skincare routine.