TRENDING: Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

TRENDING: Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

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As our concerns over health and wellness rose during the pandemic, we subsequently became more aware of our skin’s health and what that looks like. With the skincare-pandemic journey starting off with excessive information on tools, ingredients and routines as we experimented at-home skincare solutions. We were overwhelmed! and as such, most of us were implementing new skincare techniques and knowledge much more frequently than we had before.

This focus on skin health has risen a lot since 2020, so where is it going in 2022?

Now, everyone is honing in on what they have learnt, with a simpler - and therefore kinder - approach to their skincare. Collectively, we are understanding that skin health can be a great indicator of our overall health and wellbeing. So many of us are striving – more than ever - for that look. Beauty has taken on a more natural, minimalistic outlook to achieve the healthy glow we so desire. With make-up routines often including a more detailed focus on the skincare steps taken before-hand. It makes sense – our skin is the base of any make-up look!



Many of us are now aware of our underlying skincare struggles. A common one? Inflammation.

This usually appears to us as skin that’s itchy, sensitive, red and uncomfortable. On darker skin tones, it may also appear as dark patches across the skin.

The search for a solution has included a trend in icing. The technique that involves running a cool tool over your skin such as a jade roller or cucumber that you’ve put in the freezer. You may even remember watching the famous American model, Bella Hadid pop her face in a bowl of ice earlier this year. Did you follow suit?


Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

Instead of covering up the signs, we all want solutions to reduce the problem itself. Our skincare mindset has taken a shift from what can be seen, to what is happening underneath! In order to tackle inflammation, we are focusing on strengthening and repairing the skin itself through kinder skincare routines and healthier lifestyle choices.

By focuses on this reparative and strengthening skincare, we avoid irritating the skin further and worsening our struggle with inflammation. With a lot more understanding of skincare, we are looking into the formulas with knowledge on how they will impact our skin.

Anti-inflammatory skincare will not only control and minimise your struggle with inflammation, but it also reduces the signs of aging.


CBD as a Solution

The anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient, CBD can reduce swelling, pain, dryness, redness and irritation. Found to also relieve us from skin conditions of eczema and psoriasis, it’s a great solution for your inflammation concerns.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so it doesn't get you high. It's known for its healing abilities thanks to incredible antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that support and repair the skin.

At Siempre Viva, we utilise these benefits across our skincare range. We add only the highest quality, full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD oil) extracted from California to our products. We ensure optimum purity, free from pesticides, metallics and THC – therefore, free from the psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant. To be left with only rich concentrations of its natural healing and beneficial components.  





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