New Season Incoming: Winter Skincare Advice

New Season Incoming: Winter Skincare Advice

Winter is fast approaching, so it’s time to add extra protection for our skin. This time of year brings harsh winds, dry indoor heat, low humidity, and of course, the cold! Consequently, our skin’s moisture level suffers at this time, and we can find it drying out. Leaving us with a cracking and dull appearance! 

So, what does our skin do when it dries out? 

It will often react with an overproduction of oils. This doesn’t combat the dryness, it merely sits on our skin, mixing with the dirt and pollution we are exposed to, which leads to blemishes and spots. On top of this, our skin doesn’t receive its usual level of nutrients due to contracted blood vessels, done so to preserve heat. This means our skin cells take longer to repair themselves after damage. Overall, our skin is not great at combatting the dryness! Many of us even find that skin conditions such as eczema flare up after exposure to the cold weather. 

What can you do? 

The best way to protect and repair our skin from the exposure to this weather, is to use a moisturiser richer in key ingredients than we do in the summer months. Specifically, a good tip if you find that your skin struggles during this time. We recommend our best-selling luxury face cream Day. Infused with superpower ingredients that nourish and repair your face and neck. As well as reducing the visible signs of aging and improving complexion so that your skin can glow – even during the damaging, cold weather! 

Remember to correlate your change in moisturiser with the response of your own skin. If you notice a small response to the cold, opt for a moisturising product that is only slightly richer, and vice-versa. 

A richer moisturiser doesn’t necessarily mean heavier. If you are normally prone to breakouts, we recommend avoiding petroleum or oil-based moisturisers, and opting for one that contains lipids instead. If you do have blemish-prone skin, avoiding heavier creams will help you to avoid additional pore blockage and excess oil production. If you normally suffer from dry skin, you should lean towards an emollient moisturiser. For dryer skin, you are more likely to find that heavier moisturisers, or layering works for you.  

Make sure not to forget your lips! They are susceptible to as much damage as your skin, often drying and cracking in the cold. Carry around a good lip balm with you whenever you leave the house, topping up the moisture whenever you need to. Our Lippy will moisturise, protect, and repair your lips from any damage. Leaving you with plump, healthy-looking lips – much better than the dry and cracked alternative! 

 So now that you have a different moisturiser for the season, what else can you do to protect your skin? 

  • Hydrate! Yes, we know you hear this all the time for skincare, but for a good reason! By keeping yourself hydrated, you reduce the likelihood of additional dryness in the winter - because there’s no point in making the problem any worse right. 
  • Use gentle cleansers. Many contain harsh chemicals that dry your skin out, especially if you have an underlying skin condition such as eczema. We recommend the Cleansing Eczema Repair Soap, kind on the skin, this cleansing soap bar is designed for daily use on dry skin. 
  • Avoid long and hot showers as this strips your skin of its natural oils. Opt for lukewarm water when you can. 
  • Continue to apply sunscreen on sunny day. Not just for summer, the winter sun can still damage your skin, especially when paired with the glare of snow. 
  • Ensure you are getting your beauty sleep. This is the time that your body repairs itself. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy sleeping routine, so we recommend the Sleep Wellness Drops, designed to help you relax and enjoy a restful night. 
  • Exfoliate! As mentioned already, richer moisturisers can build up in your pores and result in breakouts. To avoid this, make sure to exfoliate regularly. We recommend Pinkie, a deep, pink-clay cleanser that will remove all the leftover product and leave your skin glowing.