Black Friday CBD Gift Guide

Black Friday CBD Gift Guide

Our Black Friday deals are coming! To get you ready, here’s our CBD Drops Guide so that you can pick the perfect gift for a loved one, or yourself! Our CBD drops are the most loving gift for your favourite people. Designed to combat some of the most common mental health struggles, there is a gift for everyone in our Wellness Drops range. 

Is someone you love struggling with anxiety/stress? Most people will feel anxious at times but when it becomes a regular struggle, it’s time to get a little help. Help with our Anti-Anxiety Wellness Drops. Designed to help relax, reduce stress, and get someone back to their best self: effective towards any type of anxiety. Infused with 1000mg of full spectrum CBD to calm and clear your mind. 

Do you know someone going through the menopause? Relieve their symptoms with our Pause Wellness Drops. Rich in CBD, this gift is highly effective towards the associated mood changes, joint pain, and sleep problems. Flavoured with a delicious orange, it’s perfect for adding to smoothies. 

Help a loved one find their spark again with Energise. The natural, caffeine free solution to eliminating fatigue, anxiety and stress to brighten up their days. Infused with the mood-elevating properties of Super Lemon Haze Oil to boost energy levels and supercharge the mind and body. This is the gift that replaces coffees and energy drinks for a healthier alternative; lasting longer and more sustainable than the drinks’ instant energy burst that then leads to a crash. 

Help someone you love to get their valuable beauty sleep, every night! Our Sleep Wellness Drops calm and relax the mind and body towards a blissful, restful night. Allowing the body the time it needs to repair and protect itself after each day. Infused with natural sedatives, supercharged with 1000mg of cannabidiol, and added Terpenes including Myrcene and Linalool which are proven to help aid a good night’s sleep. 

Go one step further by gifting both Energise and Sleep. Working in synergy to combat fatigue day and night, it’s a full-proof solution.