Christmas Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Busy People

Christmas Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Busy People

To help you avoid any last-minute Christmas shopping in a rush, we have put together the ideal Christmas gift list for that busy someone in your life!



Great for someone with limited time for a skincare routine! Often, we forget to take care of our lips, but they are just as important as the rest of our skin. This beautifully flavoured lip balm can be carried around and applied on-the-go. Designed to protect, repair, and plump lips for a full look. You can never go wrong with a lip balm! And, choose from the refreshing peppermint flavour, or the fruity mixed berries. 



We all have someone that we know who lives life at 100mph, so we're sure they'd love this energising boost! This oral boost drop avoids the negatives of a cup of coffee, whilst still providing the awakening that we love from caffeine. Truly Santa-approved for productivity by reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue – and replacing with an energising spark! 



Being a busy bee can leave you with limited time to sleep! If you know someone who is barely catching their zzz’s, their eyes are surely taking the brunt of it! With Eyelift, your giftee has help repairing the skin on the lower and upper eye. Infused with natural, botanical ingredients to fight eyebags, dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and folds. 



If you’re busy someone leaves themselves with limited rest time, they could use a helping hand getting the most out of it! Sleep Oral Boost Drops are infused with natural sedatives to calm the mind and promote a restful sleep. With a calmer mind, your giftee can drift off into a deeper sleep than they did before!