How to Cleanse Your Skin

How to Cleanse Your Skin

Cleanse in Balance 

Don’t over-cleanse! Stripping your skin leads to imbalance which causes your skin to dry out or overproduce oil. Be gentle on your skin. Choose cleansers without the harsh chemicals that strip skin of natural oils. If you decide to double cleanse, we recommend using one of our Cleansing Bars and micellar water. Although the latter is not full of as many benefits as our Cleansing Bars, it is gentle enough to use as part of your double cleansing routine and still see results. 


Fit Cleansing into YOUR Routine 

Find the right routine for you. We all do our skincare different. We recommend using our Cleansing Bars twice a day however, remember to test out what frequency works on your skin. The general rule of thumb is to cleanse twice a day (AM and PM). Follow this with a twice weekly deep cleansing using an exfoliation or mask. This is important to remove the build-up and dead skin cells that daily cleansers miss. Our Pinkie Face Mask rolls both the deep cleansing of exfoliation and the moisturising benefits of a mask into one. Removing impurities and de-clogging your pores for a powerful skin shine. 


Are you Using the Right Water Temperature? 

Use lukewarm to cold water whilst you cleanse. Beginning with lukewarm water ensures your pores are open for an effective removal or dirt, bacteria, makeup and pollutants. Cold water tightens your pores, so this is a great way to finish your cleanse. Simply apply your cleanser with lukewarm water and then wash away with cold. 


Pick the Right Cleanser 

Different skin types require different cleansers. One product can’t target everything for everyone, so by figuring out what your skin needs you can choose the product designed for your needs in mind.  

Do you have dry or problematic skin? Our Essential Oils Cleansing Bar is designed to soothe, hydrate and moisturise the skin for a soft and healthy appearance. Using an array of natural ingredients including essential oils, shea butter and CBD to reduce redness, itchiness and heal your skin’s protective barrier for improved balance. This gentle cleanser allows for frequent use without stripping your skin. 

Do you have oily, blemish-prone or combination skin? Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar is designed to reduce breakouts, oversized pores and restore balance to your skin without over stripping it of natural oils. This cleanser uses activated charcoal and CBD to remove impurities and unclog pores – the common cause of spots and blemishes. Only excess sebum is removed ensuring your skin remains in balance, rather than forced to overproduce in response to over-stripping. Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar also aids with the itching and pain that often accompanies your spots! 


Why AM and PM Cleansing is Different 

Your skin is exposed to a completely different environment during the day and night. Not only including external differences such as makeup and pollutants, but this also applies to the internal differences between day and night. During the day, skin is focused on protection and warding out as many damaging elements as possible. As you sleep, your skin’s focus shifts to reparative and rebuilding itself in preparation for tomorrow. Our skincare routines should boost what our skin is doing at each time. Our daytime routine should reflect that of protection, and our night-time routine that of renewal. 

Every skincare routine, no matter whether AM or PM, should being with a cleanser. This de-clogs your pores and preps your skin for full absorption of your skincare products.