Our Favourite Skincare Tool For 2022

Our Favourite Skincare Tool For 2022

Have you tried our Black Onyx Stone? This is our favourite pick for 2022, it is THE skincare tool.

Why do we love our black onyx stone so much? In short, this one small tool provides your skin with a large array of benefits! The tool utilises the benefits of a gua sha as well as black onyx.  

The gua sha is specially shaped to depuff your skin, stimulate blood flow, improve circulation, and – yes, there’s more! - encourage product absorption. This means that your skin is prepped and ready to fully soak up your skincare products, so you will see more effect from your skincare routine. The benefits of the gua sha also leave your skin with a powerful natural glow. The gua sha promotes your circulation of oxygen and nutrients reaching your skin as well as moving those harmful toxins away. 

Combine the widely discussed benefits of the gua sha with black onyx and you get a calming skincare tool. Not only using the movements and experience of the gua sha to relax you, but the stone itself. The onyx stone is said to offer powerful vibrations of protection, willpower, focus and strength. Our black onyx stone helps you to feel good on the inside and look good on the outside! 

By using this tool, your skin can fully absorb the multipurpose renewing skin cell properties of our product. Complimentary with our Renew Face Oil, so that you can receive the full anti-inflammatory effects, reparation of stretch marks and scars, and decreasing the signs of aging. 

Our top tips for using our Black Onyx Stone: 

  • Apply only light pressure to your skin. 
  • Don’t forget your neck – work upwards from collarbone to the jaw. 
  • Only use after the application of your skincare product. 
  • Place the tool in a cool place before use to increase effects.