Create Your Own Skincare Routine

Create Your Own Skincare Routine

Do you have a skincare routine that works for you? 

Our basic skin structure may be the same, but the product that works on one person’s skin is not guaranteed to work on you too. Therefore, it’s important to create a skincare routine around the needs of YOUR skin. Understanding your own skin is key. 


What do you want to target with your skincare routine? 

Each step of your routine should have your overall goal in mind. Whether you want to minimise the signs of aging, combat blemish-prone skin, or whatever you want to manage with your skin! 

The first step to your personalised skincare routine is to know your skin type. For example, that could be dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin. This answer will determine which products are likely to work best for you. 

Keeping your skin type in mind as you buy a new product will help you to avoid skincare that can aggravate existing skin conditions, or even cause new ones! On top of this, if the skincare product doesn’t suit your skin, it is simply not as effective when it comes to the benefits. 

Most skincare products are designed with a skin type in mind, so it’s easy to find out which is for you. Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar is tailored to help with oily and combination skin types. Whereas our Essential Oils Cleansing Bar works best on dry and problematic skin types. 


Has your skincare routine changed over time? 

Don’t forget to update your routine every so often. As our skin changes, our routine should change too. Everyone will find that their skin changes with age. Our skin becomes thinner, rougher, and struggles to heal as fast as it once did. These are aspects you may want to consider when you upgrade your skincare routine. Here are some examples of the changes you should implement through your skincare journey... 

In your 30s, we advise you to focus on a night-time routine. Start by cleansing the skin, then provide a hydration and nourishment boost, followed by a deep penetrating serum to stimulate skin cell renewal and regeneration. Find out more here. 

For skincare in your 40s, your focus should be on hydration as well as never forgetting to extend your routine to the neck and décolletage. Find out more here.  


Choosing the Right Products 

Not only should you understand your skin type, and the general recommendations for your age group, but you should also make sure to factor in your skin problems/ conditions. Skin issues are common. They can be caused by environmental exposures, internal struggles, or simply your DNA. 

Choosing products that protect and repair your skin problems are a must. Forgetting to check how certain ingredients interact with the conditions of YOUR skin, can lead to further aggravation. For example, activated charcoal helps to unblock pores and balance oily skin. However, it can be too drying for dry skin and potentially over-strip your natural oils. Discover our Cleansing Bars designed to target different skin types and skin problems.