Insomnia: Why women suffer more and why CBD can be the solution

Insomnia: Why women suffer more and why CBD can be the solution

Sleep or the lack of it can be a literal NIGHTMARE, especially during the summer, when the warm and balmy nights start, it can easily be blamed as the cause of a poor night’s sleep, however for many of us lack of sleep is not as easy to be cured by simply opening a window!

For some the ability to just ’switch off’ is impossible, daily events played out in our mind, over and over until we start to feel more AWAKE!. 

Once asleep it can be hard to stay asleep, frequent loo visits, snoring partner, baby feeds or be woken for no reason to then just lie there and look at the ceiling willing yourself to sleep and counting how many hours until the alarm will go off.  

Now a few nights of this could be manageable if we could just turn life off for a few days, but here in the real world we have jobs, business, kids, family,  everything that life throws at us with the goal of getting through the day relatively unscathed can itself be a challenge.

Insomnia Statistics

36% of the UK adult population has some form of Insomnia, that is 1 in 5 people. If we take a close look at the figures, we can see that…

  • Women have more trouble falling asleep each night than men
  • People aged 45-54 struggle the most when it comes to falling asleep, as two thirds of this age group report difficulty falling asleep at least once a month.
  • 55% of young people (age 18-24) say they find it hard to get to sleep at least once a month. 
The Real Effects of Insomnia

Dr Steven Altchuler, a psychiatrist and neurologist who specialises in sleep medicine at the Mayo Clinic, one of the US’s largest medical research organisations, says ‘Consistently having trouble falling asleep, or experiencing poor quality sleep, can lead to long-term health impacts including obesity, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sleep insufficiency – which many health authorities classify as less than seven hours a night – also affects your work; many studies have shown that it makes you more likely to make mistakes, wrecks your concentration, increases reaction times and affects your moods’ 

Insomnia and CBD How it Can Help

Research has shown that CBD short for cannabidiol the purest element extracted from the Hemp Plant and stem can help boost our own endocannabinoids using Full Spectrum CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects, the ingredients only benefit our system.   Many off the shelf products of CBD can be quite generic and may not give you the value of Terpene extracts that can Supercharge CBD and benefits. 

The Benefit of Terpenes in CBD

When creating our natural supplement, Sleep, we looked at what ingredients could give maximum benefits to our customers, this is when we delved further and found that terpenes that include Myrcene a natural sedative that can be found in hops and lemon grass, basil, and mangos and Linalool lavender, these supercharge your natural receptors to help you relax your mind and body resulting in a good night’s sleep.


Based on our research, we have created a natural and safe solution for sleep disturbance and insomnia. You never have to reach for medication and sleeping pills again with our Sleep formula.

I hope you have found this beneficial and understand more about benefits of CBD additionally the value and benefits Terpenes. Here’s to a restful and full night’s sleep and feeling good again.


*If new trying new supplements please chat with your doctor to ensure this does not affect your current medication.  It is recommended that to allow the maximum effects, this supplement should be taken daily 30-40 minutes before bedtime. 

Why not take our Sleep Questionnaire, we would be more than happy to help answer any questions you have!



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